10T 16T 160t 63t rautalevylävistyskone

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⭐Adopts horizontally placed crankshaft.
⭐Stroke adjustment device mounted on crankshaft.
⭐Combined dry type pneumatic friction clutch and brake.
⭐Manual shut height adjustment with scale display.
⭐MPS-100 and above adopts lifting balance device
⭐Safety Duplex valves.
⭐Control by PLC with international brand.



high position accuarcy: most suitable for machining parts such as dies,drilling or boring

wider range of application: drilling, boring, medium-load milling, scribing,scaling and measuring all are ok

various sizes of table: three standard sizes and much more amounts of size just as your requirement





The working mechanism of the press is driven by the motor through the transmission mechanism to process the workpiece.

The transmission mechanism is a reduction mechanism of belt transmission and gear transmission;

The working mechanism is divided into screw mechanism, crank connecting rod mechanism and hydraulic cylinder.


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