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J23 series Open Eccentric Presses is a general-purpose presses, suitable for forming, blanking, punching, bending and other cold stamping process.

1. C-frame Casting fuselage,maximum rigidity and minimum deflection for accurate parts and long tool life. body can be tilted, high rigidity and less deformation Compact. Thick plates and large columns provide you with the stable platform you need for your demanding application.

2.Wide body frame eliminating vibration for improved ide life and machine,which means economical and practical. Operation space is wide, and the movable bolster could be moved out of frame to set the die. The structure is simple and the appliance is also beautiful.

3.High accuracy, high efficiency, simple and convenient operation, good performance, favorable price and best service.


Product Advantages

The Machine use Rigid rotated bond clutch rigid and well supported. The clutch gives continuous strokes for mass production.

1. Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel machined to close accuracy and fitted in bronze bushes for smooth working, longer life & accuracy.

2. Properly sized flywheel, is made of high grade cast iron, for storing and releasing adequate energy for the pressing operations, and properly balanced for smooth running.

3. Gear are of steel cast or fabricated. Gear teeth are generated by precision hobbing machine.

4. Machine is with both hands button and foot switch control: anti-tie down, non-repeat controls with ring guards; conforms to OSHA.

Optional Device: Ram adjustment and Structure:

1. The Table and RAM body cast iron structure, the whole body is tempered, use the secondary transmission, the transmission part of the crankshaft horizontal Placement, flywheel and gear are the external open style, easy maintenance.

2. Slider is a cast box structure and rigid. Collapse of the slider-style installation of pressure overload protection device, simple structure,if the slider overload, the fuse collapse is damaged, then protect the machine tool and die from damage.

3. Die height adjustment of slider with manual mode, using V shaped slider guide rail, easy adjustment

Our Services & Strength :

1. According to the materials provided by the customer, choose 6 kinds of imported steel and 8 kinds of domestic high-quality steel.

2. The heat treatment adopts the domestic leading equipment and technology, with the following options: vacuum quenching, high-frequency quenching and salt furnace quenching.

3. Three elements of quality control and quality assurance: material selection, heat treatment and precision.